Celebration of the Table

We all need to eat so why not enjoy it? Eating fish and chips out of paper at the seaside is a pleasure we take from childhood into adulthood and there is nothing wrong with that! However,when it comes to sharing our table with family and friends, a lot more effort goes into it; choosing a menu we know will be enjoyed by our guests; Careful selection of ingredients, time and dedication put into the preparation and cooking.

pots and pies closer2

Each stall will be run by the producer/maker, who will be pleased to talk about their products.

Cookery demonstrations and talks will be taking place over the course of the weekend and it will be an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have from the production of the food on

offer to the making of the pottery. All the exhibitors are passionate about their wares and will be only too pleased to discuss all aspects of their wares with you.

Pottery & Food Festival.

...do so many of us not give the same attention to the presentation? Probably because finding individual pots to serve and eat from are not readily available on the high street, so we end up using the same characterless ones as everyone else! But our choice of dishes and the way we cook them are as personal and individual as we are.

So why not take it that one step further and put our own stamp on our table and presentation?

Eating is really one of your

indoor sports.You play three

times a day and it's well worth

while to make the game as

pleasant as possible.

If the divine creator has

taken pains to give us delicious

and exquisite things to eat, the

least we can do is prepare

them well and serve them

with ceremony.

So why...

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For the past five years, I have spoken here about why I think that using handmade pottery in the serving of food adds so much to the overall enjoyment – “a feast for the eyes, a feast for the mouth” as David Whiting so eloquently put it when writing about our 1st show back in 2012 and now here we are, finding ourselves putting together the 6th Pottery and Food Festival.  How time flies!


For those of you who have visited either our show or one of the many Regional shows that take place throughout the year, you will not need me to tell you the pleasure one gets from owning – treasuring, even – beautiful handmade pottery.  If you are anything like me, you will also remember where and when you bought the pieces and the pleasure you had in talking to the makers.  For newcomers, I should perhaps warn you that it can become an obsession – a wonderful obsession but obsession, nonetheless!!


So, instead of reiterating what I have said before – and as we are most likely “on the same page”, anyway – I will just say “Enjoy the show, enjoy the pots, enjoy the feast!”  


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