Dylan Bowen trained at Shebbear Pottery,then Camberwell School of Art, graduating in 1991. He, in partnership with potter Jane Bowen, set up their present workshop in Tackley in 2002. Dylan makes individual pieces in slip decorated earthenware, the work is wheel thrown and altered or handbuilt. Slips are poured,

trailed or brushed on, at the moment mainly black and white with some small areas of colour.

I am currently working on large platters, bottle shapes and taller forms, aiming to combine making and decorating methods to capture some of the spontenaity and energy of the creative process.


Technical Notes

I am currently using red earthenware clay. The slips are made from a Devon Ball Clay, copper is added for the green. The black/brown is iron, manganese and red clay. The Glaze is usually Mike Eden's Lead Sesquisillicate clear with iron added for the honey glaze.The slip recipies come from Clive and Jane Bowen. I use an electric

wheel and an electric kiln, the work is fired to around 1070.

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Dylan Bowen

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