Many people think that I became a potter after I started collecting Staffordshire figures. This, along with the belief that I am more of a "figurer maker" than potter, could not be further from the truth. When I started collecting, I was as interested in Brampton salt-glaze and the domestic/country pottery made in and around the same area of Chesterfield and it was that interest that led me to taking up a place on the Chesterfield College of Art Foundation Course and then Farnham School of Art. While at Farnham, I explored the many aspects of salt-glaze until a chance encounter with a little green and white Persian bowl in the V&A steered me towards earthenware. I believe my own work to be more Northern European in surface decoration whilst the forms are a personal reflection of all that I have admired in pottery throughout the ages and from around the globe. I want the pots to be unashamably of clay origin and strive to keep the softness of the material apparant in the fired state.


The pots are made for use with food and nothing gives me greater pleasure than when I know that they are being bought with that in mind.

Geoff Fuller

Geoff Fuller

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