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By kind permission of David Whiting:


The Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival is already in its seventh year! It feels like a fraction of that time ago......    



...which is a unique event, bringing together fine foods and pottery from some of the most renowned makers in Britain as well as from further afield. It is always our pleasure to introduce more recent makers to our craft, whose work and names you may not be so familiar with but whose individual styles serve to enlarge and enrich that which is on show. This is an ideal opportunity to meet and talk to our exhibitors about their wares and to see the extraordinarily wide range of styles on sale from our potters and other craft-makers. There will also be a large selection of hot and cold foods to choose from, both to eat during your visit and to take home, and we must not forget the hand-crafted cider - always a favourite when in our pub - of Madhatters, the celebrated Abbeydale beers in our beer tent and for the heroes who have volunteered to drive (or for those who wish to keep their head, while others about them may be losing theirs') the delicious coffees from Stewarts of Trent Bridge!  Or maybe one of Frederick's award winning ices!

Welcome to our 6th Pottery and Food Festival...

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It just leaves us to thank you for visiting our site and we hope that those of you who come to the show in September will enjoy your time with us and have fun "playing" with your purchases when you arrive home!

Takeshi Yasuda

I can hardly believe that this is our seventh year!  From it’s quite humble beginning, the show has grown to be one of the most welcome festivals on the pottery calendar – or so we are told!!  It is now twice as big as our inaugural outing in 2012 but it is still our personal “baby”, with no outside sponsorship or partners.  We believe that this gives us the freedom to keep to our original ethos without any outside pressure and this does seem to be very popular and appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike.  This ethos is that by showing the large range of wonderful styles of work that is being produced today, along with truly delicious food, we can help to elevate everyone’s  dining experience.  Sounds a little pretentious, perhaps, but we really do believe that by engaging other senses, even the simplest meal, be it simple cheese, bread and pickles, can be appreciated more when served with thought and care.


So what can you expect to see this year?  Well, first thing is the tent is even bigger!  And as well as a lot of our old friends showing with us again, we are always pleased to welcome some new friends to our happy little band.  For those who like to “posh-up” their dining table, the wonderfully talented Keith Tyssen will have his pewter and silverware with us again and Claire Lake will be offering her colourful glass, to brighten up anyone’s kitchen.  


We are very pleased to welcome the students from Clay College Stoke, that wonderful enterprise that had kept Lisa Hammond and her excellent team so busy for the past few years as the first intake end their first year and show off all that they have made – I think that anyone interested in contemporary pottery will wish to congratulate and yes, THANK Lisa and team for this forward thinking and much needed innovation.  Very well done!  


Anyone making their own pots at home or at day/evening class can stock up on making tools, brushes etc. from Top Pots and so that you keep nice and clean after your evening potting before adjourning to the pub for a pint and de-brief, the beautifully decorative pottery aprons from Ali Mac Designs will help keep your “day clothes” clear of splashes!


We are “Into the Garden” again.  As well as Sarah Walton’s extraordinary bird baths, we are very happy to welcome our old friend Wendy Lawrence, with her amazing gardenware which are part sculpture, part planter.  Holger and Katrin (see Klassen & Frohlich) will be with us again, with their stunning work.  Many of the other potters will also be featuring both indoor and outdoor planters so don’t forget to look out for them on their stalls, too.


It may seem to you that I have glossed over the majority of potters showing with us but if I mentioned everyone by name, the sheer volume of this tome would go on ad nauseam!  Suffice it to say that by just looking down the list is all that is needed to know the quality of work that will be on show.

It is, of course, a Pottery & FOOD Festival so let’s not forget the lovely grub on offer!  It is my continued regret that I can never seem to get all the stalls I would like but we often clash with regional food fairs or regular weekend markets.  However, there will be some delicious food to eat at show or take home, along with our beer tent, hand crafted cider and some seriously good coffee while you mull over what you have seen so far.


I should perhaps close by telling new visitors that we also welcome our “four legged friends”.  Indeed, I sometimes wonder whether many of our regulars take the opportunity to have a kind of alternative “Crufts” on the side!  


Our sincerest wish is that everyone who visits will remember their day as one of enjoyment (and that the weather is better than last year!)  We loved the new tag that Jason Braham gave us last year – THE CERAMIC GLASTONBURY! – but we could do with a little less damp and little more blue sky this year, thank you!  Whatever the weather though, hope to see you there!


Our very best wishes to you all,


Pat & Geoff Fuller


Hello and welcome to our Festival.