Copyright 2012 : The Three Stags heads

Jack Blackburn

We are both pleased and honoured to again welcome the highly celebrated “Pots from France” to our festival.  Many of our visitors will have seen Jack at such prestigious pottery festivals as Earth and Fire, as well as the curated exhibitions he has organised in various galleries.  As with many good things, it all started simply enough.  When Jack, along with his partner Margot Bartlett, brought back selections of pots bought whilst on their travels through France each summer and using the pots at home on a daily basis, it was not long before friends started asking if they would bring some back for them.  The more they visited the French potters, the more they came to know them and it was not long before they were welcomed as old friends.  With all the pots they were now bringing back for themselves and their friends, the idea dawned on them that there must be others who would be as interested and that is when “Pots from France” was born, and has been gaining an ever more enthusiastic following since.