I came to pottery through my love of food and cooking. I found that selecting the finest ingredients and putting the time and effort into the finished dish is not enough. The presentation is what shows food at it's best - and that means the pot in which it is served.


After finishing my course at Chesterfield College of Art (and a few years working there as technical assistant), Geoff and I bought The Three Stags' Heads with the intension of promoting the use of handmade pottery by serving the home-made pub food on work made in our barn-turned-pottery.

This festival is the logical extension to this premiss.


I believe that, no matter how attractive a pot is, it does not truly come to life, nor is it complete, until it has food in it. The added pleasure of passing the dishes of food around the table amongst friends immeasurably heightens the whole eating experience as the visual and tactile qualities, along with the aromas, companionship and eager anticipation play on the senses.

Pat Fuller

Pat Fuller

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