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Pots in use....


The popular dogma that dictates the use of matching pottery, or sets of pottery,  when presenting food is, to our mind (and to those people who now only use handmade pottery) not only blinkered but can be considered old-fashioned.  When you browse through the photographs in cookery books or the food pages in colour supplements, it is very obvious that the chef and/or publisher have gone to great lengths when choosing the dish on which the food is to be presented and when the photograph shows a selection of dishes to accompany the recipes, it is extremely rare to see them displayed on matching pieces.  It has to be assumed that, when putting food together for either a formal "sit-down" menu or for a buffet, while the foods selected will complement each other, they will each require a different style of dish from which to be served. That is where the fun comes in! Choosing pots that best present the individual portions of a meal can mean using very different pots but if the foods that are chosen hang together, then the pots will do so, too!  

The photographs here are of a buffet that we put on for customers in early 2014, with some of the pots used being bought from potters at our first show in 2012 and, we think, shows what our festival is all about.